Welcome to LynsAvenue!

Hi, l'm Lynett, a quilt pattern designer who loves to create designs that bring you joy.  Welcome to my Avenue, l'm so glad you are here!


My Story

My mom was a triple threat when it came to being crafty as she could sew, crotchet and knit.  Watching her complete any one of these was always a fun thing to do, to see how fast her handy work was coming together and at the same time igniting that same crafty passion in me.  Growing up l would hand sew little projects such as pencil cases and doll dresses, knit at most twenty rows before giving up and even tried my hand a crocheting.  Sewing was my absolute favourite and this passion continued to grow as l learnt more about sewing and fabric through textile studies in high school. My passion for sewing and love for all things fabric grew even more following the birth of my baby girl and LynsAvenue was born.  

I love and adore all things fabric.  This includes a love of buying fabric, petting and stroking it as well as cutting up said fabric into smaller pieces and piecing them altogether again.  I find the greatest  joy in breathing new life into these gorgeous bright and bold coloured fabrics and creating something new, modern and enjoyable to use from them.

The quilting bug bit me real hard ever since l was asked to make a quilt as a baby shower gift for a mutual friend.  Having never heard of the word quilt before, though my mom made many patchwork blankets, the word quilt was completely new.  Of course l said yes l can do that, whilst my mind was racing wondering how in the world was l going to tackle this project.  Armed with a cup of coffee and a hungry eager learning heart l researched how to make a quilt and the rest is what they call history.  I tell you what though, that first quilt has an enjoyable story to tell especially with how it was constructed but that aside, it lives a well loved life with many memories to tell and that's what counts, right!

Since then, l have found so much joy in making quilts and even more in designing my own quilt patterns.  I love to create modern designs that anyone can feel confident in making and using as a piece of art in your home or as an awesome gift for that special someone in your life.  Most of all, nothing makes me happier than to share this quilting joy with others.

Thank you so much for taking a walk down this quilty Avenue with me and thank you for supporting LynsAvenue!


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