UFOvember - Rework

UFOvember - Rework

When Bobbie of Geeky Bobbin, asked me to be a part of the UFOvember blog hop, l immediately jumped at the chance as this the the perfect kick and encouragement l needed to take stock of my seemingly increasing UFOs. What is a UFO you ask? I used to think that a UFO is something from out of space and could not figure out how this related to quilting…ha! We live and learn my quilty friend, because l came to understand that UFO stands for U̶n̶i̶d̶e̶n̶t̶i̶f̶i̶e̶d̶ ̶F̶l̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶O̶b̶j̶e̶ sorry l meant UnFinished Objects. I have almost always been a finisher of projects but lately this has not been the case. I now have a little pile of UFO’s waiting to be loved on by either resuming, rehoming or reworking them.

Of all my UFOs, one project has been staring at me everyday for the past nine months.  It has just patiently sat on my cutting table with its two completed rows and three very uncompleted or rather not worked blocks aka cut pieces.  It has been on my top to complete list but something about it was no longer sparking that joy l normally have when making quilts, hence why it has largely been untouched on the table with the occasional moving out of the way when needing more cutting space. I picked rework as my theme to talk to, as l thought this is the perfect push l needed to finally do something about it and move these pieces from unfinished to a finished quilt that is loved on either on the bed or couch or travel around with.

This was the how these pieces sat (more like rolled up) for a long time.

The project l picked is my Joyful Moments quilt which is currently available in the Quilters Planner 2022.  My intentions for this quilt was to have a dark background with my pops of colours standing out.  My sample for the Joyful Moments quilt was made by Lorinda of the Quilters Planner due to the tight deadlines and shipping times.  I tested out my blocks to make sure all was well but again, l wanted to make a full quilt to keep for myself.  For some reason, my joy in completing this quilt waned and after much soul searching, l realised that the dark background was not doing it for me.  Or it could be that l wanted to see a different colour than the sample that was made or the dark background was just not vibing with the pops of colour, specifically the gold.  After all, the quilt already existed in the perfect colour combination that l did not feel completing another in a similar was the brightest of ideas.  You can read more about Joyful Moments quilt here and see more photos of the beautiful sample l'm talking about.

Joyful Moments quilt, made by Lorinda Davis of the Quilters Planner.
Photo by Kitty Wilkin for the Quilter's Planner 2022.

Why l did not think of initially working with different colours beats me but hey, here we are.  In the spirit of not wasting any fabric, my cut navy blue pieces will be worked into a different Joyful Moments quilt or a totally different project with the right colour combination for them.  I have used the same accent colours and combined them with an ivory background which l think is a fabulous idea because it totally transforms the quilt from meh to now we're talking.  Of course, l had to quickly dive into it and finish off the last three rows first because l was and am still not willing to play with you know who aka the Ripper.

 ​The story so far, like night and day...

My seam ripper aka Ripper patiently waiting for a play. It really is the best helper though.

I am really pleased with how it is coming out so far and super thankful for the push UFOvember has given me to finish of this quilt. I will be inching my way to the finish line soon and looking forward to removing it off my UFO pile that’s for sure. Stay tuned to see how my new reworked and rebirthed Joyful Moments quilt turns out.

Now this is definitely sparking some major joy in me!

I hope you have enjoyed your stop on this UFOvember - Rework train and l sure do hope you stay on board and visit the next blog hop or catch up on the previous posts from all these lovely bloggers below. I hope you feel inspired to Rework, Resume or Rehome your UFO's.

Feel free to share your UFOs using #ufovember2021 and #ufovember.

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