Togetherness Quilt Pattern

Togetherness Quilt Pattern

Togetherness quilt pattern is available in the LynsAvenue shop!

It has been a week since the Togetherness quilt pattern launched and l could not be more excited about it.  It is such an easy, fun and fast quilt to make with a simple design that packs a punch.

Togetherness quilt pattern was inspired by the connections and conversations that keep us connected to one another; keeping us in togetherness. Whilst the past year has been unlike any other, it is the communication and connections with family and friends (old and new) that have kept us going and have the sense of togetherness even when we cannot be physically together.

The pattern uses big blocks, perfect for showcasing some of your favourite fabrics, prints or solids alike.  I made my versions using solids however this quilt will look good with a mix of prints and solids or all prints; they all look amazing.  Split Quarter Square Triangles used in the sashing strip makes for a special feature with this design as they add a lovely accent pop of colour to the quilt.  This elegantly simple fast finish quilt is assembled on point, meaning all blocks are turned 45 degrees so they rest on a corner point.   Togetherness quilt pattern is truly an enjoyable pattern perfect for the beginner and seasoned quilter alike.

Pattern comes in three sizes:
Baby 41" x 49"
Throw 56" x 66" and
Twin 76" x 84"
Pattern comes with clear diagrams and helpful instructions to make your quilt. The best part is the quilt uses the same block size for all quilt sizes with the only change being the number of rows you add to each quilt size.

For my versions, l made the throw and baby sizes.  I went all out with the quilting of my throw size and by all out l mean something other than straight lines..haha.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out overall and am looking forward to branching out more with my quilting.

For the baby size l went with my standard go to quilting which is one inch straight lines which works wonderfully in this case.  I also added a pop of colour in my binding which l think adds a little fun element to the finished quilt.

I love this quilt very much and l hope you do to. Don't forget to tag me on social media or email me your quilts as l would love to see what you create. #togethernessquilt #lynsavenue #lynsavenuepatterns

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