Quilted Laptop Case with Zipper

Quilted Laptop Case with Zipper

I created something that I'm incredibly proud of. For the longest time, I've wanted to craft a snug case to protect my laptop, and finally, after many months (years, if l'm being honest), I've accomplished it. As an Aurifil Artisan, we participate in monthly challenges, and this month's theme was upcycling. I seized the chance to transform a defective tote bag into a new kind of bag; a quilted laptop case or is it sleeve.

laptop case

Choosing one of my torn and unusable tote bags for this project, I scoured the internet for tutorials on making a laptop case. While I found some, they didn't quite match my vision. Armed with my tote bag, Aurifil 40wt thread, and the knowledge gained during my online search, I started the project. Between parenting duties like feeding the masses and resolving sisterly squables, I had the laptop case within a few hours.

Torn tote bag

What I appreciate about this case is its snug fit, lightweight feel, and absence of extra bulk. Plus, it turned out quite pretty pleasing, don't you think?

laptop sitting inside a laptop case

I opted for a chunky zipper, adding an extra flair to the case's appearance. Whilst l love how it looks, I don't think l'll use it for my next laptop case as I spent so much time trying to figure out to successfully navigate the one end – just ask the broken needles about it, they'll will tell you a whole story. The other option would be to buy a bigger size and remove the teeth from the one end to allow more free space for my needle to freely navigate it.

Laptop case

The most challenging part was dealing with my machine thread breaking, thanks to little hands playing with my tension dial. Figuring out why my once smooth machine suddenly became cranky slowed me down for a bit until I got it sorted. Aside from thread tension issues, getting the gusset came in second on the challenging scale. Only because l had the measurement wrong. Once I nailed the sizing, the rest was easy and smooth sailing.

laptop sleeve with aurifil thread

I aimed for a clean look without bias binding for my laptop case. I could use this laptop case both ways if the zipper allowed it.

inside of a laptop case

What I love about my laptop case:

  • It's quilted look
  • The snug fit it gives my laptop
  • It’s lightweight

Some takeaways for next time:

  • Add more padding for a cushier feel
  • Use a regular plastic zipper, not the chunky type
  • Make the gusset a tad bit slimmer

laptop sleeve

I adore how my upcycled quilted laptop case turned out and l’m already planning my next one. If you've made one before, l’d love for you to share any tips and tricks in the comments below to prepare me for my next quilted laptop case.

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Hi Janet, thank you so much. It truly was a journey with a lot of lessons learnt. I’m glad you’re feeling inspired to make your own.


I love how honest you are about the creative process. As a designer upcycling clothing, there is a lot of adjusting the original design to fit the materials you have. This lap top case is adorable. I'm inspired to make one for myself. Thanks for the information.


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