Hi, my name is Lynett and l am the maker aka 'the little/big fairy' behind LynsAvenue.  I make all things by myself, in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia.  I am championed and supported by my two precious girls and awesome husband.  I am a Social worker by day and a quilter by night.  I have an insane addiction to fabric and can happily spend all day in a fabric shop just ogling, touching and maybe(most likely) buying some fabric.  l only need a teensy bit of encouragement and l will shop up, ask my 8yr old and she will tell you that one word is enough to make mama buy fabric.  I find so much joy in seeing new life breathed into these fabrics, turning them into some lovely makes to use in the home or gift to a special someone.

I have had a love for sewing from a very young age having grown up with a mother who was a triple threat in the craft with sewing, knitting and crocheting under her belt.  I dabbled in the all three but sewing is what gave me the warmest of fuzzies and it has stuck.  I had it in my head that l would like to be in the dressmaking world but l made my first quilt and the bug stuck.  Quilting makes me so happy and sharing this joy to others through my quilt patterns is something that warms my heart even more.  

So, welcome to my Avenue, l am so excited you are here and taking a stroll down the quiltyverse together.  I wish l had a photo of my very first quilt to show you but l did not think this far ahead at the time.  It would have given you a great big chuckle.  

I would love to know more about you, leave me a comment introducing yourself.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Until next time my friend....


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