Heart quilt patterns you should make

Heart quilt patterns you should make

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It's February and with it comes all things hearts and boy is it a lovely journey going down the rabbit hole of the gorgeous heart quilts. Heart quilts make the perfect gift for any occasion, think Valentine's, a wedding, an engagement, a thinking of you gift or anytime gift for that special someone in your life.  If you're looking for some modern heart quilts to make, well, look no further as l've compiled a list of beautiful heart quilt patterns for you.  

Whether you are looking for a beginner quilt that is quick and easy to finish or one that you can take time one, this list of heart quilts (both old and new patterns, curves and all) can kick start your next sewing project.

1. Graffiti Hearts Quilt by Patchwork and Poodles

Looking for an improv looking heart quilt pattern that is actually not improv?  Graffiti Hearts by Patchwork and Poodles is the quilt you've been looking for.  This is such a fun take on an improv quilt producing such a stunning result

Photo: Patchwork Poodles

2. Two Hearts Quilt by Tied with a Ribbon

This fat quarter friendly pattern is Two Hearts by Tied with a Ribbon and one of those wow (l literally say wow every time l see this design) quilt patterns.  It is absolutely stunning, every single version l have seen has been really beautiful.  Make it in prints or solids or combine both, it will come out beautifully either way.

Photo: Tied with a Ribbon

3. Coded Heart Quilt by Zarkadia Quilting Co.

If you're looking for a simple heart quilt pattern with low seam matching, look no further than this Coded Heart Quilt by Zarkadia Quilting Co. The pixelated heart gives this design such a funky retro look and l'm here for it.

Photo: Zarkadia Quilting Co


4. Bandaid Quilt by Quilters Candy

Band-Aid Quilt by Quilters Candy is one of those beautiful gift that will make a perfect cuddly snuggly quilt for a loved one that is unwell or just simply needs to know you care.  The hearts wrapped around the band-aid immediately warms the heart just by looking at it


Photo: Quilters Candy

5. Boxes of Love Quilt by LynsAvenue

Well, l can't really talk about heart quilt patterns without adding mine to the list right?  If you've been looking to try out a modern curved heart quilt block, look no further than the Boxes of Love Quilt by LynsAvenue.  Make it scrappy or minimal, the colour options are endless.  This quilt makes for a perfect anytime gift for the someone special in your life.

Photo: LynsAvenue

6. Happy Hearts Quilt by Sewcial Stitch

The Happy Hearts Quilt by Sewcial Stitch sure does look fun to make just like its name.  Love the take on these heart shapes.

Photo: Sewcial Stitch

7. Juicy Hearts Quilt by Holly Clarke Design

The gorgeous fat quarter, scrap friendly pattern is Juicy Hearts Quilt by Holly Clarke Design.  Isn't this such a fun curve heart quilt pattern to make with those juicy hearts stacked on top each other.

Photo: Holly Clarke Designs


8. The G-Force Quilt by Normadic Quilter

The G-Force Quilt by Nomadic Quilter is such a stunning design and the inspiration behind it warms the heart even more.

Photo: Nomadic Quilter

9. Heart Bits by Sew Mariana

This pre-cut and scrap friendly quilt is Heart Bits by Sew Mariana and isn't it just exquisite.  The heart design is absolutely delightful and looks so much fun with endless possibilities of showcasing your favourite fabrics and the best part is, it is all traditionally pieced.

Photo: Sew Mariana

Heart of Hearts Quilt by Blue Sky Modern Craft

What a fabulous take on this classic heart meets modern Heart of Hearts Quilt by Blue Sky Modern Craft.   Want a fun, quick beginner friendly pattern, then this one is for you.

Photo: Blue Sky Modern Craft

I hope you enjoyed this list of these beautiful modern heart quilt patterns.  Happy quilting my friend


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