Free Downloadable Cutting Labels

Free Downloadable Cutting Labels

Cutting labels for your cut fabric piece organisation

Download and enjoy organising your quilt pieces with these printable fabric cutting/quilting labels

Have you ever cut so many quilt pieces that you end up confused what is what? Yep, that was me this weekend, getting all muddled up after cutting up so many quilt strips that were the same width different lengths. Thanks to my not so organised quilt cutting process, l cut the wrong pieces short and wasted my precious fabric that l had just enough of. Queue Lyn throwing a tantrum after realising her mistake. I dusted myself up and decided to be more organised with my cutting process and these downloadable alphabet and number cutting/quilting labels were born.

My previous quilt organising system looked something like the picture on the left and l would always lose these pieces of paper.

New quilt fabric labelling system as shown below, so cute and fun to use right! On a side note, do you call them cutting or quilting labels? I'm calling these the Lynie Labels: cutting or quilting labels

A look at the printable download cutting labels

The printable come with ;

    • two PDF download pages; one of the alphabet ABCs and the other of numbers 123s cutting labels
    • printed on A4 pages 
    • a solid cutting line to help cut your individual labels to the same size
    • cute simple rotary cutter design to boot with some lovely pops of colour
    • for longevity, laminate before cutting individual squares
    • make sure to download and save to your computer
Get the your Lynie Labels here!

    I hope you enjoy using these cutting labels as much as l do and that they make organising your quilt pieces a breeze.

    Click here to download your free cutting labels 


    you can purchase them here!

    Cutting Labels to help organise your fabric pieces
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    You’re welcome. I was the same too and getting frustrated at myself for losing the scrap bits of paper so l just had to share these.


    You’re welcome :-)


    Awesome idea, I have been using scrap bits of paper for ages and always seem to lose them. These are just perfect and thanks so much. Wonderful. xxx

    Glenda D Edwards

    Wish I’d had these a month ago. Scraps of paper are just ugly. Thank you

    Teri B Nicoll

    Thanks Veronica, glad you like the labels.


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