Candy Wrapped Quilt Block for the Solstice Sampler 2022: Handy tips on how to sew a scant 1/4" seam

Candy Wrapped Quilt Block for the Solstice Sampler 2022: Handy tips on how to sew a scant 1/4" seam

Solstice Sampler. This is my second time participating in the Solstice sampler fun and boy, are the blocks this year amazing.

The Solstice Sampler is a FREE quilt along project organised by Amber of Alderwood Studio. One quilt block is released each week from nine different quilt designers. It runs from 10 October 2022 to 12 December 2022. You can get more information and join the Solstice Sampler quilt along here.

This year, l decided to go curve free with this fun, very quick and easy make. Enter in, the Candy Wrapped quilt block. Will it be a full pattern, for sure it will be (but that's for next year). For now, let's enjoy the sampler fun.

About the block

The Candy Wrapped quilt block was inspired by that yummy striped candy and pretty ribbon snuggly wrapped around your Christmas gifts. I struggled to come up with a name that wasn't taken already but love candy wrapped as it speaks to both my inspirations of this block. It's heart warming to see it amongst the other Solstice Sampler 2022 blocks.

  • The block measures 18 1/2" square unfinished.
  • It's one of nine quilt block patterns from nine different quilt designers. One block releasing each week for a total of nine weeks.
  • Candy Wrapped quilt block is traditionally pieced and an easy quick finish.
  • A scant 1/4" seam is your friend when it comes to sewing this block otherwise the final measurements will be out.

​Handy tips to sewing your scant 1/4" seam:

  • Make sure your strips are cut to the correct size.
  • Change your needle position. If you have a machine where you can move the needle position from left to right, you're in good stead. Adjust your needle position ever so slightly to the right side until your get your scant seam just right.
  • If your machine does not have the option to adjust your needle position, we're in the same boat. I get by, by placing 3 or 4 layers of masking tape a smidgen to left side of the 1/4" foot. Having the layers of tape kinda acts as an edge that l can butt my fabric against to help with consistency of the scant 1/4 seam.
  • Practice, practice, practice! Practice sewing your scant 1/4" seam on some scrap fabric before you start on your actual block to avoid unnecessary play time with our lovely friend Jack the Ripper aka seam ripper.

3 or 4 layers of masking tape placed on the machine to act as a makeshift edge to align fabric against.

Fabric aligned to the masking tape leaving a tiny gap from the presser foot

If/when you make the Candy Wrapped quilt block, be sure to tag me on Instagram using the hashtags #lynsavenuepatterns#candywrappedquilt and #solsticesampler2022. I'm looking forward to seeing your blocks.

Designers for the Solstice Sampler 2022 are:

Amber: Alderwood Studio | @alderwoodstudios
Mathew: The Quilty Architect | @thequiltyarchitect
Christina: Kindred Quilt Co | @kindredquiltco
Rachel: Wren Collective | @wren.collective
Fran: Cotton and Joy | @cottonandjoy
Allie: Exhausted Octopus | @exhaustedoctopus
Danielle: Coronado Quilt Co |
Melissa: Quilt All The Things | @quiltallthethings_
Lynett: LynsAvenue | @lynsavenue (that's me

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Very cute. Thanks for the inspiration!

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