Boxes of Love - the limited colour version

Boxes of Love - the limited colour version

Boxes of Love quilt pattern is now available!

Boxes of Love quilt pattern is finally here and l couldn't be any more excited.  This quilt pattern has been the most rewarding pattern l have written to date.  Why, you ask?  It has been the most rewarding because l got to collaborate with my 9yr old baby girl, Lily aka Petal.  You see, when l decided to embark on this journey, it was not only just for me but to show up for my girls to go for their passions.  l would play with some designs and only ever let her colour in said designs because like my fabric scissors, l didn't want her "ruining or damaging" my design programme.  That is, until one day l decided to let go, let her reign free and see where it leads her.  Once l gave her permission and free reign to tinker beyond just the colouring of already made designs, we created her own folder and she got to play.  One of the many designs she made was what we now call Boxes of Love quilt pattern.

When l first saw this design, l literally stopped what l was doing and we got to tweak and refine it a bit more, to enable me to write it into a whole quilt pattern.  I knew from the get go this design had to be shared with the Quiltyverse and l knew l had to do it for her, to show her she's got this.  She still can't believe l've turned her design into a quilt let alone a pattern.  She's so over the moon and overjoyed at what she has achieved.  I am so proud of her and l am so glad that of all the things we could do together, we have created this beautiful memory of a shared passion.  For it to be a heart quilt pattern, what more could l ask for.  Check out the post for the single colour and this post of Tester quilts.

Boxes of Love quilt pattern includes

  • A video on how to make the curved heart block 
  • Pattern includes helpful diagrams and thorough instructions to complete your quilt 
  • A colouring page for all sizes to help plan your quilt
  • Different colour mock ups to help kick start your fabric pull options
  • Fabric requirements and instructions on making the single heart colour version, limited heart colour version (shown in this post) and the all scrappy hearts colour version (fat quarter friendly).
  • The limited colour and scrappy heart quilt versions are fat quarter (FQ) friendl

Boxes of Love Skill Level - Intermediate/Confident Beginner

Boxes of Love quilt pattern has been labelled an intermediate or confident beginner quilt pattern.  The reason being is the curved quilt block, not only that, but the double curved units that shape the top of the heart quilt block and is sewn as one piece.  There is a video to show you how to piece that curve heart quilt block though, so never fear.  Other than that, the rest of the quilt pattern is quite simple, very beginner friendly and an easy quilt to put together.

Boxes of Love Quilt Helpful Notions

Though curves may be a bit scary for some, these handy notions will help make the quilt pattern a breeze.  This blog post might be helpful for you if sewing curves is new to you.
Heart templates, included in pattern.  It may be helpful for you to transfer the templates onto cardstock or plastic template sheets
Sewing pins - helpful especially when matching your seams or if you're the the pin your curves kind of quilter or simply just like to pin your pieces when sewing
6 1/2" x 24" quilt ruler - helpful when cutting your square pieces 
Glue - if you prefer to glue your curved pieces together to help keep them in place when sewing


I really struggled with how to quilt this throw size Boxes of Love quilt and ended up going with the wavy lines on a diagononal.  I think this works well as it looks like the hearts are floating.

Your turn

What do you get to do now?  Go grab your copy of Boxes of Love quilt pattern and enjoy making this quilt.  Both Lily and l are eagerly waiting to see your quilty make so please do tag #lynsavenuepatterns #boxesoflovequilt #lynsavenue to share your makes with us.  You could email too if that works for you.  

Next up in the single colour heart version quilt.

Some more photos of the throw version Boxes of Love quilt

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